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Nipsey Hussle Plans To Launch STEM Programs All Over America

Nipsey Hussle has had a ton of good fortune over these past few months. He’s invested in; crypto-currency by using reviews similar to this bitcoin trader review, community development projects, and made significant moves as an independent artist. Now, it looks like Nip is prepping the launch of another initiative, aimed at local youth in Los Angeles in partnership with real estate developer, Dave Gross. The two are planning to create a STEM center, for youth interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The center will be a network and resource center, creating a direct pipeline from inner cities to Silicon Valley.

Also, the STEM center in L.A. is just the start for Nipsey and Gross. The duo is already looking at the next center, which will be developed in Baltimore, followed by centers in Atlanta, Washington D.C., and San Diego, giving hope to inner-city youth all over the country, providing opportunities for future employment and resources to connect with innovative industries they might not have thought would be possible coming from their environments.

This is an excellent example of how people with power can provide an opportunity to those who might not have the proper resources or tools to succeed in life. Nipsey Hussle and David Gross are creating a path for communities of color to prosper in industries where diversity is sorely necessary.

For more information, click the link to the Too Big To Fail website.


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