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Nick Cannon Opens Up on Album ‘Calling All Models’

Entertainer and mogul Nick Cannon recently released his latest musical effort Calling All Models. The 9 track EP features a more vulnerable Nick Cannon as he opens up and allows his listeners to get a glimpse into his life which includes an emotional rollercoaster of sex, love, lust & heartbreak. On the record, Nick perfectly fuses together the best elements of Hip Hop and R&B with sprinkles of spoken word poetry to really illustrate his emotions. Calling All Models is a prelude to Nick’s album ‘Model Music’ which will be available this Fall.


1. Courtesy Call/Missed Call

2. Hold My Calls

3. You Don’t Have To Call

4. Cousin’s Call

5. Long Distance Call

6. Waiting For Your Call

7. Frozen Calls

8. Motivational Call

9. Last Call

Stream Calling All Models below and find it on iTunes here.

Photo Credit: Erick Robinson


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