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Nicholas Pritchard talks Emrick Clothing, Fashion and Men’s Streetwear

The Emrick Clothing brand is taking an exciting bold approach on men’s urban wear. Emrick has developed a signature style that fuses industrial denim with floral patchworks. The combination was choosing to provide comfort and durability. Their mission is to establish a brand known for it’s quality, authenticity, and a touch of LA’s personal style. Emrick encourages the urban gentleman to live a lifestyle without boundaries. We spoke with Nicholas Pritchard, designer of Emrick Clothing, about being a business owner, the Emrick clothing line and being a fashion designer.

What motivated you to the Emrick Clothing line?

The Mens Streetwear industry targets a very large group of creative consumers,  through this large group I am able to provide my one of a kind design to them.  This allows me to establish a name for myself in the design industry in an outlet that is not only my favorite but one that you can express your creativeness in.

How would you describe your brand?

Men’s high end, Los Angles Manufactured, Men’s Streetwear Brand. A one of a kind Brand that encompasses elements of originality and individuality. We create unique pieces that are made with some of the best fabrics in the clothing industry. We want to provide consumers with comfortable clothing that can be paired with anything in their closet. 

Before you started the Emrick Clothing line, what were you doing?

Before I Launched Emrick Clothing to the public, I was the owner and operator of a Landscape Construction Company.  The company specialized in Landscape Design.

What skills are important for a successful career in fashion design? 

Being able to convert your concepts of designs onto actual paper and maintaining originality. I want to be original and create pieces no one has ever seen before and that is hard in such an accelerated design field.  

How do you define success as a business owner?

I would define success as a business  owner by having a strong outreach to a large demographic of creative people and being able to influence them with my designs and clothing in a positive way.

What were adversities you faced with starting your business?

Finding a manufacturer that could fully interpret my key design elements and not be disconnected from the design process.

How do you stay up to date with fashion? Tell us some of your design inspirations that went into creating the line.

Personally, I love Men’s Streetwear, I’m constantly searching for my next piece to add to my collection.  I never go out of my way to research men’s streetwear. There are so many awesome design in the industry, so when I am designing, I believe that my mind needs to be clear and focused on what I want my design outcome to be.  I will say that one trend that I do keep in mind is the current color trends because I do believe that your color theory in your collection is very important. 

What advice would you give to someone trying to follow in your footsteps as a business owner and entrepreneur?

Don’t let your mind get clouded by all the great street wear design that is out there. Be original and design what you love and what comes out of your head. 

What should we expect from the Emrick Clothing line?

Emrick Clothing takes great pride in creating a unique, one of a kind garment that is exclusive, desirable, and a must have a piece to add to your collection.  Our vision is to help people express individuality with clothing that will set people apart while maintaining a collective and representable image.

Make sure you check out Emrick Clothing online.