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NFL Draft Starts Tonight and Here’s What to Look For

Tonight is the 81st edition of the NFL Draft. This year’s draft is taking place in Philadelphia. The draft kicks off at 8 pm and you can watch it on ESPN or NFL Network. Here are some of the big stories to look out for.

The Cleveland Browns have multiple picks in the first round (1st overall and 12th). Will they be able to capitalize with these hard to miss picks or will they be like the Browns of the past and draft busts? Other teams with multiple picks are the New Orleans Saints, with the 11th and 32nd picks, and the Tennessee Titans, with the 5th and 18th.

This year there has also been much discussion regarding trading high picks for more picks throughout the draft. This is regarded as a tactile move for a team that needs a rebuild and stockpile talent. Such candidates include the San Francisco 49ers, the New York Jets and Los Angeles Chargers.

Top Quarterback selections could include Mitch Trubisky from North Carolina, DeShaun Watson from Clemson, and Pat Mahomes from Texas Tech. Could one of them be the next Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers? Only time will tell.

Tonight is the first round, with the second and third round taking place tomorrow, and rounds four to seven on Saturday. Be sure to tune in!


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