A Weekend Driving The New Lincoln Corsair

Whether you're a car enthusiast or not, one brand everyone is aware of is Lincoln. For over a century, the Lincoln brand name has been always been synonymous with luxury in an ever-changing automobile market. We have recently entered a new decade and the long-lasting brand has no intention of slowing down. In fact, they are still as innovative and luxurious as ever.

This year, Lincoln has introduced the all-new Corsair, a small SUV that packs a powerful punch. If you are familiar with the brand, in 2015 Lincoln introduced into the small SUV market, the Lincoln MKC. After a successful run, Lincoln decided to get away from the "lettering" in the names of their fleet and bring back actual names for most of them. The MKC was rebranded as the Corsair, a name that sounds smooth, makes you feel good and look good while you're behind the wheel. After putting my fair share of miles on it during the intimate experience in Nashville, I do agree that the name fits.

Before arriving in Nashville, I did my research on the looks and features of the vehicle prior to actually stepping foot inside of it, but nothing would prepare me for the experience I was about to have over the weekend. The team at Lincoln had a carefully curated weekend prepared for about 15 people from across the country. Due to weather and flight delays, I made it in after the meet and greet dinner but when I arrived and was picked up in the Cor