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Netflix releases Trailer for Black Mirror Season Four

Bringing as many answers as it did more questions, the highly anticipated season four of Black Mirror appears not too far away. In a shocking turn of events instead of the usual three years in between seasons, Season four may debut a little over a year since season three hit Netflix last October.

Coming back with a trailer that features zero lines of dialogue and no release date is almost more intoxicating than the images provided. The hype around the show not only extends to fans of the show but critics as well who view it as one of the best on TV today. All we really are the episode titles and some of the actors in them.

Other than USS Callister none of the episodes appear overtly clear. Although we can assume there will be more mind bending plots causing questions of reality. With the return of Black Mirror and Stranger Things coming this fall Netflix may control everyone’s viewing habits for last months of 2017.


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