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Nelson Estevez Talks Acrimony, Why Men Cheat and Working with Taraji P. Henson

Check out our interview with Nelson Estevez one of the stars from the upcoming movie Acrimony. He talks to us about his role in the movie, why he thinks men cheat, and what he learned from working with Tyler Perry and Taraji P. Henson.

How did you get the opportunity to be apart of this movie?

My agent sent me in for an audition, but I didn’t have any details or clue what the project was for since production was keeping everything confidential. All that was given to me were the sides, character breakdown/description, casting director name, and movie title. Within a week, I was on my way to Atlanta to Tyler Perry studios, this was when I was briefed as far as who hired me and who was starring,  which we now know it’s  Acrimony with Taraji P Henson.

What was it like working with the beautiful Taraji P. Henson?

She is a delight! She was professional, yet had such a fun-loving energy. I mostly admired how she was just able to turn it on and raise the bar as soon as she heard the word, “action!” I was like a sponge just absorbing her knowledge and how she executed her scenes. I would show up to her scenes just to watch her perform. She’s a beauty inside and out.

In Acrimony, you play Casey. Tell us about that role?

Casey is a grounded, faithful, and supportive husband. He can be a voice of reason that is always looking to find a solution to the issue— whether it being in his company, marriage, or friends and family.

Are there any similarities between yourself and Casey?

Absolutely. I tend to listen and find solutions while trying to remain as poised as possible but we are human and sometimes we can let emotions cloud our rational thinking, or actions. I also loved the entrepreneurial drive of Casey since he co-owns the family business.

In Acrimony, we will see Taraji P. Henson become fed up with her cheating husband. Why do you believe some men cheat?

I believe some men cheat due to thinking that the grass is greener on the other side. Relationships tend to always be perfect and strong in the beginning, some call this the “honeymoon phase.” Once that phase is over then you can really understand that not every relationship is perfect and that communication and compromise is very important. Some of us tend to have a difficult time on communication and self-expression. I can’t speak for every scenario and every man. That is my disclaimer (haha).

Have you ever been caught cheating? If so, how did that work out?

A couple of years ago, my girlfriend at the time called me about some rumors she had been hearing and I felt like such an asshole. I admitted to it and apologized, it was one of the worst feelings. I was a teen but this was a huge lesson learned.

Would you be able to forgive your spouse if they cheated on you?

It depends (haha). The only way to really know is to actually be in the situation.

What is the most important part of a relationship?

There are two parts: communication and compromise.

What did you take away from working with Tyler Perry?

Trust in yourself and believe that hard work does pay off. I know it’s cliche but this man is a prime example of it.

How do you continue to improve your talent as an actor?

I tend to have certain stages/phases. I am in a phase where I find myself learning more and practicing more behind the camera (directing, writing, producing, etc). This is helping more on a technical side with my craft as an actor because sometimes what feels like an organic performance, might not look or feel good on the scene. There is a craft and rhythm/formula to every genre, every scene in film and television. Prior to this, I was learning the skill set of auditioning, which is a different monster in its entirety.

What can we look forward to from Nelson Estevez?

I have a couple of projects that I’ve written and would like to direct and produce them. I have a short film that’s in post-production and I’ll soon be submitting it for the festival circuit. You can follow me on social media for future details.

Make sure to follow Nelson Estevez on Instagram. Check out the trailer for Acrimony below which hits theaters Friday, March 30th.

Photo Credit: Lionsgate


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