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Naturi Naughton Hosts Lucid Bliss Unisex Hair Care Launch Event

This past weekend, Naturi Naughton star of the hit show Power, hosted the official launch event for Lucid Bliss in New York City. Lucid Bliss All natural Hair Care System is a new hair care system that promotes hair growth and the halting progression of hair loss. Created by Multi-Talented Celebrity Hairstylist & Wig Guru Tiffany Lamb, the Unisex Hair Care System features Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Refreshers and Vitamin Drops.

“Lucid Bliss is my newest baby. I had this vision some years ago when someone very close to me was suffering from Alopecia. I knew something had to be done, so I created this hair care system,” said Tiffany. 

Men who are looking to grow there hair and slow down the balding process, this product is for you.  The system has already landed its first retail partnership, where the product can be physically purchased at J. Onye Beauty Cafe in Union, NJ and it can be found online.

Lucid Bliss 7


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