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Must Haves for the Backyard Chef

It is one thing to toss some chunks of raw meat on the barbecue and take them off when they are done.

It is quite another to put the versatility of your backyard grill to the test, using all the tools are your disposal to turn a regular old cookout into a gourmet experience of delicious proportions. Put the right accessories at your fingertips (or on your barbecue, as the case may be), and you may start to feel like you have your own cooking show — minus the bright lights and big cameras.

When getting ready for this grilling season, the following barbecue accessories should always be nearby.


A new barbecue. Let’s start right at the top. If you are cooking on a rusted-out grill with burners that are totally shot, you are going to get inconsistent hotspots and uneven cooking. Check out a modern grill with all the amenities — searing burner on the side, rotisserie unit, smoking tube — that will enable you to put backyard gourmet food in front of your friends and family. To make everyone think that you are the BBQ King (or Queen), then why not decide to use some smoker pellets to enhance meat to add extra flavor to your food.



Old school charcoal. Even with a gas grill, you don’t have to sacrifice the nostalgia and smokey flavors of old fashioned charcoal grilling. A cast iron charcoal and smoker tray turns any gas grill into a charcoal cooker. Simply insert the tray onto the burners of your gas grill, load it with charcoal and turn on the gas. Once the coals are glowing red, turn off the gas burners and enjoy some “modern” charcoal grilling. If you want to know the best grill to achieve this and get yourself this BBQ season, there are reviews of the best charcoal grills out there to look at, so you know that you’re making the right choice for you.

Meat Injectors

Himalayan Salt Platter

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