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Motev: Los Angeles’ Luxury Travel

Quintessential Gentlemen in Los Angeles are now able to travel in luxury while giving back to the environment with the car service Motev. This new boutique black car company has an entire fleet made up of solely top-of-the-line P90DL TESLA vehicles. Motev offers their high-profile clientele a unique & luxurious experience unmatched by other car services. If you enjoy luxury in every aspect of life, take a look at Jettly private jet hire next time you travel overseas. We recently spoke with Motev co-founder Robert Gaskill on the new luxury car service, Morgan Freeman‘s involvement in the company and why a fleet of electric cars!

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In Los Angeles, there are so many car service companies. Where does Motev fit in the mix?

You’re right, there are many choices for the consumer when it comes to transportation in Los Angeles. BUT there wasn’t a chauffeured black car service that provides a luxury fleet of Teslas. In this case, you can not only choose to use an environmentally friendly electric luxury vehicle for your transportation but also choose to use a company that has perfected the experience with highly trained and vetted drivers.

Why was it so important to use a Tesla Model X as the car of choice?

Tesla was the first to roll out an electric vehicle at this level, making it one of the safest cars on the road. Tesla’s two models, the “S” and “X” complement our fleet in different ways. The “S” is more the typical sedan while the “X” is totally different in size, feel and “wow!” factor when the car arrives at a destination. The “X” model is perfect for those who want to be seen & noticed upon arrival with its “falcon” doors. The “S,” on the other hand, is very sleek and refined. With either vehicle model you are sure to arrive safely and in style so that everyone will take notice.

Actor Morgan Freeman has invested in Motev. How did that relationship come about?

Yes, Mr. Freeman is an investor in MOTEV. I was his production driver and bodyguard for 23 years in the motion picture world, traveling with him worldwide until I started MOTEV last year. He and I both believe in this technology and know that the future of the world needing to be environmentally conscious and use sustainable energy vehicles is now. Consumers see this need as well, so we thought to add the chauffeur experience, thereby coming up with MOTEV. And, with Los Angeles being one of the largest cities in the world, it is the perfect place to prove this business model.

Who is the perfect clientele for Motev?

Seeing how our rates are very competitive, one shouldn’t be surprised that many people can afford our services even though we use Teslas and are more on the luxury end of service. We do market to environmentally conscious individuals that need more of the sedan service than larger SUVs. We currently are used for all airport transfers, nights out, parties and red carpet events.

What can we look forward to from Motev?

MOTEV is looking to secure its place in servicing the Los Angeles metroplex and surrounding counties with more energy efficient cars and drivers within the next year. We look forward to next expanding to Orange and Ventura Counties, then possibly onto San Diego and Las Vegas.

The next time you’re in Los Angeles, make sure you Book a Ride with Motev!

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