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Moncler Opens New Flagship Store In New York

French lifestyle brand Moncler celebrates its first American Flagship opening. The brand has collaborated with designer Thom Browne for a special capsule collection to welcome the store to its New York City home.  Filmmaker Spike Lee was asked along with Browne to interpret New York City in their own way drawing inspiration for the new collaboration. Both Lee and Browne are New York based artists so there was no better way to mark this fashion moment than to call on these creative minds.


During the celebration at the Moncler boutique Lee said that his short film representing the brand includes every borough except for Staten Island. When asked by Vogue why Staten Island wasn’t apart of the film Lee replied “you know why”. One can only assume that the borough wasn’t included because that is where president elect Donald Trump is from. While the flagship store comes at a time of a lot of doubt and fear surrounding American politics Moncler keeps spirits high with American pride through fashion.


An installation piece was erected in addition to the launch which included 28 exclusive Moncler puffer jackets in red white and blue staying in line with the motif. The official Moncler X Thom Browne collection includes puffer jackets, cashmere sweaters, a set of gloves and a single beanie and scarf with the American flag theme.



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