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Miss QG: Loren Sharice Lott

The Quintessential Gentleman presents to you this weeks Miss QG, Loren Sharice Lott.

Miss QG is a platform created to highlight women who exemplify the unique qualities of a Queen. A woman that possesses not only beauty but intelligence. She has a sense of purpose, tenacity, and versatility that shatters society’s preconceptions.

Loren Sharice Lott 3


Loren Sharice Lott


San Diego, CA.

Current City:




Favorite Movie and Book:

For books, I will say my Devotional books. For movies, I love action movies especially when there is a romantic aspect.  Romantic comedies always.


Reborn Dolls, Sketching, Binge Watching

Loren Sharice Lott 2

Favorite Vacation Destination(s):

Kauai is amazing! Went on a cruise and loved it! They are the best ever! 

What do you look for in a Quintessential Gentleman:

A relationship with the lord. A sense of  humor because I’m nuts and he can’t get annoyed easily. A dash of sensitivity. A family man. Understanding. Ambition. Confidence and self security in himself. Happiness. A leader that follows and someone willing to always try new things. A man like that is usually in shape and can make his own money. 



Loren Sharice Lott

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