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Michael Vick Covers the 2018 Sports Issue

The Quintessential Gentleman Magazine highlights and recognizes the accomplishments made by men of color in the mastery of sports and wellness in our 2018 Spring Issue featuring an exclusive interview with NFL Alum and Fox Sports Analyst, Michael Vick.

“It was very important for us to have Michael Vick as our first sports cover feature because he exemplifies what it means to be a Quintessential Gentleman, says Editor-in-Chief, Eric K. Thomas. From his philanthropic works, business endeavors, and his many contributions to the National Football League, Michael Vick will forever be an iconic figure.”

“The Quintessential Gentleman Magazine has an obligation to create a narrative that changes the outlook that systemic policies and practices have placed on our black brothers. Michael Vick and countless others aren’t afforded the luxuries of second chances and will forever carry unwarranted titles. Being a black man in America is like living in the twilight zone and for this, we need to uplift our heroes and be an example to the younger generation. We are proud to share these type of stories, stated Eric.”

Michael Vick


With accolades to prove one’s worth justified by the capabilities to perform brilliantly, pro athlete, Michael Vick’s NFL career depicts a tale of illustrious titles overshadowed by perspectives and values.

What do you hope to leave as your legacy when it’s all said and done?

“I want to leave knowing that the world knew I was a respectable man and that I had faults, but as I grew older, I learned from my mistakes. For that alone, I became a better person.”

For the full interview with Michael Vick and features with Corey Calliet (Celebrity Trainer), Keith Carlos (Model/Actor), and Michael Jai White (Actor/Martial Artist) pre-order your copy today. The issue will be available the first week of June.

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