Michael Hansen talks Millennial Veterans and The Workplace

Millennial Veterans is a term you may not have heard of, but they are a quickly becoming a critical component in the modern workforce. Some veterans struggle to work and have to claim disability benefits due to injuries that they might have got for fighting for their country. If you find yourself in a similar situation and your claim has been rejected, or you aren’t too sure about how to go about it, then it might be a good idea to get a lawyer involved (such as this South Carolina veterans disability lawyer). However, there are some veterans who want to go back to work or even be able to find a place to live. Being in the military means that anyone in the armed forces didn’t really have a place to call their home, as they were always moving around. Everyone deserves to come every night to a roof over their heads and be able to feel safe. This is why sites like https://www.militaryhomesearch.com are important for anyone who is in this current situation. We all need a bit of help sometimes to turn our lives around. As political tides turn, global economies shift and baby boomers retire, millennial veterans bring a unique and powerful mindset to the challenges many companies face in such a dynamically shifting business climate. Some of the overwhelming advantages this demographic showcases is their unwavering sense of purpose, a team first approach to culture and mentorship, ease of coachability, a mission-driven pride in ownership, and real world perspective. What separates these millennials from the rest, above all else, is that that they signed a contract to give their lives, not just in service of their country, but to serve their family, friends and communities. Now that they are civilians, how do they adjust to their “new-normal” and find meaningful careers? Careers that embody the same spirit of company, community, and country as their military service. Power Home Remodeling, the nation’s second largest exterior home remodeler, is leading this effort through their Power Veterans Initiative, which focuses on aggressively hiring former military personnel to lead the company toward the apex of its industry – while also changing the mindset of a country.

We spoke with Michael Hansen at Power who talks about Millennial Veterans, their difficulties heading back into the workplace and the future for Power Home Remodeling.

Michael Hansen

Who is Power Home Remodeling?

Power Home Remodeling is the nation’s second-largest residential exterior remodeling company, specializing in energy-saving retrofits, including solar panels, replacement windows, doors, siding, roofing and attic insulation. Driven by our culture,