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Michael B. Jordan and Spike Lee Team Up for New Coach Ad, “Words Matter”

The power of visuals and the written word combine to create a distinctively universal message. The short film conveys the core values presented by Coach in hopes of making an impactful connection with consumers. Michael B. Jordan‘s star power and Spike Lee‘s directing talents can only boost the renowned brand’s appeal. Aside from Jordan’s striking attire, the strategic placement of the rocks also stands out. Stones marred with negative words are near the children’s swing set which expresses that intolerance is taught. He replaces the toxic messages with positive ones and inspires hope for a brighter future.

“Words Matter” is the first in the series of videos highlighting Coach’s new collection. Spike Lee’s children, artist Whisbe and Brooklyn Nets player Spencer Dinwiddie will feature in future installments, each sharing their unique perspective on why words matter.

Check out the video below.

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