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Mezlan Opens Up its Boutique Store on Madison Avenue

On Tuesday, Mezlan, the Spanish branded high quality men’s footwear and accessories line, opened up its seventh United States boutique in New York City. Located in the iconic Jefferies Building, between 53rd and 54th streets, the shop is more than a mere store, its an experience. Walking into the store you will feel in awe, but also comfortable.

At the grand opening event, we spoke with Store Manager, John Benscoter, who said “In addition to providing shoes, when people come in [the store], we can educate people on how to make their shoes last”. As everyone knows, New Yorkers walk and walk all the time. He believes you should always have Ceder Shoe Trees in your shoes and never wear the same shoe two days in a row because your feet perspires and it takes two days for the shoe to dry.

Photo Credit: Una Stade

Mezlan is the perfect shoe for the Quintessential Gentleman. From classic to high-end, shoes with texture to shoes with bright colors for the more daring men, Mezlan has everything you’re looking for. Aside from the fine assortment of footwear and accessories, a bespoke custom shop-in-shop offers personalized shoe fittings and materials for special orders. So, make sure you head over to the New York Mezlan location!

Photo Credit: Tye Marchelle

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