Men Like Candles Too

I’m not too sure where this idea that only women like candles came from but I’m here to let you know it’s a lie. On my Saturday cleaning sessions, it’s nothing like lighting a few candles to polish off a clean house. Men can visit sites like or visit homeware stores to buy candles as much as women can!

Below are a few reasons why you should be lighting more candles in your house and a couple of my favorite brands of candles!

  1. Fire is Peaceful. The flames from the candle are actually mesmerizing. It will calm your nerves and relieve you of stress.

  2. It’s Romantic. From birthday nights to anniversaries, a bathroom full of candles always puts your partner in the mood. It’s something about a room illuminated by only candles!

  3. Smells Great. Scented candles are really the best way to make sure your home smells great. If you want it to smell like a forest or fresh linen, candles are the best way to go.