Men Get Your Skin Ready For Winter

At the end of the summer after a lot of time spent in the sun and the water, the skin is probably stressed from exposure, so a great way to prepare for the cold weather ahead is to have a facial. A professional facial twice a year (fall and spring) is an investment in your skin’s long term health–I think of it in terms of working out. You have a session with a personal trainer to evaluate your individualized needs and come up with a plan for your best body, and then you do workouts on your own using your trainer’s advice. The facialist will develop a plan for your skin, and your home skincare regimen is your daily workout where you maintain the plan the trainer set up. The facialist will deeply exfoliate your skin and do extractions (something you should never do at home) and you’ll leave feeling deeply cleansed, rejuvenated and relaxed. Then you can use good products at home to maintain. It’s good to do this before it gets really cold, because moisturizers can’t work as well if there is a lot of built up dead skin on the surface.