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Men Get Your Skin Ready For Winter

At the end of the summer after a lot of time spent in the sun and the water, the skin is probably stressed from exposure, so a great way to prepare for the cold weather ahead is to have a facial. A professional facial twice a year (fall and spring) is an investment in your skin’s long term health–I think of it in terms of working out. You have a session with a personal trainer to evaluate your individualized needs and come up with a plan for your best body, and then you do workouts on your own using your trainer’s advice. The facialist will develop a plan for your skin, and your home skincare regimen is your daily workout where you maintain the plan the trainer set up. The facialist will deeply exfoliate your skin and do extractions (something you should never do at home) and you’ll leave feeling deeply cleansed, rejuvenated and relaxed. Then you can use good products at home to maintain. It’s good to do this before it gets really cold, because moisturizers can’t work as well if there is a lot of built up dead skin on the surface. 

What are the best products for men?

The main things I tell everyone regarding their skincare regimen–keep it SIMPLE and keep it CONSISTENT. I see a lot of men that are doing too much to their skin or using the wrong products. Overall your skin is smart and self-sufficient, it just needs a little maintenance and protection from the environment to keep it looking its best. Everyone should be using a gentle cleanser–NOT one for acne prone or oily skin, as these tend to strip the skin of its natural barrier functions. It’s most important to cleanse at night, especially in urban areas, because dirt and pollution should not stay on the skin overnight while the skin is trying to repair itself. Morning and night following cleansing, you should use a lightweight moisturizer, preferably one that contains antioxidants to fight environmental damage, and during the day SPF is key. Many moisturizers on the market contain SPF so you can save a step. 

Is there a regimen to keep their skin youthful?

The main thing to stay youthful is prevention, because once the aging happens it’s a lot harder to turn back the clock. The key is making skincare part of your routine and using SPF. Sun exposure breaks down structures in the skin and causes cells to stop performing their functions as well over time, so if you wear SPF you can stop a lot of that from happening. If you’re worried about aging or starting to see signs, you can incorporate a face serum or oil into your regimen to help reduce things like fine lines and uneven skin tone. Hydration is key because chronically dry skin is more prone to fine lines that then become wrinkles, so make sure you drink plenty of water in addition to using your moisturizer, serums and SPF.

Here are some products I like for men:

Here are some anti-aging products for men:

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