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Meet Richie Hosein. The Man Who Wants to Transform the Music Industry

Heads Music, the label home of International superstar Wyclef Jean, recently closed the loop on a partnership that blends the music industry experience of Heads Music with the business knowledge and marketing prowess of Richie Hosein. Mr. Hosein has just been named Vice President of Business Development for Heads Music and he is eager to get started. We spoke with him about his background, his new role at Heads Music and changing the Music Industry.

Your background is pretty eclectic. From the music industry to the medical field, why do you feel the need not to box yourself into a specific industry?

I’m extremely passionate about Hospitality and this has allowed me to utilize my craft in many fields that I am knowledgeable about. How you’re known for treating people, work ethic, and your reputation can open doors to new areas. My success in my career has allowed me to get involved with these new lanes and with projects that really excite me.

You recently joined Head Music as their VP of Business Development. How did that partnership come about?

I was fortunate to work with Madeline Nelson on some other projects. After learning about the vision, I was compelled to see synergies to what we both are doing in the music industry. As the relationship grew, we both felt it was a good fit for me to join the team. It is a honor to be working alongside Madeline and Wyclef and I am looking forward to an amazing future for the music that will come from this journey.

Many Music Labels want their artists to come already packaged. Meaning the look, the sound and the fans. What are your thoughts on artist development? These days with social media, internet, and so many new avenues for music creation, the industry is changing and adapting by the minute. I think that in an industry that is so hard to make it, the more work you do on the front end to showcase yourself and talents the better opportunity you will have to getting a shot.

Head Music has Wyclef Jean as one of their artists. How has your experience been working with him?

I have always been a huge fan of Wyclef after growing up with his music. I met Wyclef through Madeline Nelson and started a relationship with him for our collaboration with Heads Music and Artist Factory. The more I get to know him personally, I can see why he has been so successful. His work ethic and musical capabilities are endless. His ability to make everyone around him feel at home and his ability to entertain is so natural and beautiful. It’s a honor to get an opportunity to learn from him and work alongside himself and the Heads Music team.

You are well versed in investments. What tips can you give people who are just starting out in investing?

Invest into yourself and your own personal brand first and foremost. If you decide to invest into others make sure those investments mimic your own personal values and beliefs.

How important is community service to you? What is Urban Tech?

I feel I was put on this earth to give back. My passion is to help others achieve more than they thought they could on their own. I learned about Urban Tech NYC from Richard Bilello, one of my mentors. This organization helps underprivileged children with limited access to technology.

What can we look forward to from Richie Hosein?

I am not sure where to start. The future is bright and the more I learn and improve the more I feel I can contribute to this world. You can look forward to my nightclub AM in the Hamptons to continue to push the limits for nightlife hospitality and experiences competing with the biggest names in the world.

For music, you will soon learn about this amazing new pop girl group called The Janes Life and their talents will allow them to become a household name on all radio playlists.

In healthcare, my project Baseline Health will revolutionize the way employees and employers get medical services. Our ability to bring the practice to the patient by setting up a fully functioning medical office within the employer’s office making it convenient and a overall better experience for all involved.

Most importantly you can look forward to me getting up every day and going after it with passion and relentlessness to achieve greatness for all that I’m involved with.


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