Meet Rendy Achille, Creator of Achill3 Apparel

We know you’ve seen your favorite athletes wearing hats that say Zer0 Friends or maybe Savage. Well the company that created these stylish designs is called Achill3 Apparel and their based out of Miami, Florida. We spoke to Achill3 Apparel founder, Rendy Achille, about the creation of the brand, his celebrity cosigns and the future of his fashion line.

What inspired you to start your own clothing line?

I have always been interested in fashion and into trendy apparel. Wanting to 
become an entrepreneur inspired me everyday to start my own line that I could 
wear without having to purchase other brands.

What’s the message behind Achill3 apparel?

My Last name is Achille. My parents, 
Renald Achille and Nancy Achille, gave birth to 3 of us; my sister Renaldine, my 
brother Renald and me Rendy. Thats Why I spell Achill3 Apparel with the 
number 3. Not only that but I am born on the third month.

Who was the first celebrity to wear your hat? What was your feeling when this happened?

Hip Hop/Rap recording star Fabolous and NFL’s Von Miller Line Backer for the Denver Broncos. Alongside Fabolous and Von Miller, I noticed many other headliners from all avenues and markets were wearing my hats. It made me feel like I’m actually doing something right in the fashion industry. That my brand was different from any other apparel brand out there. I started Achille Apparel in 2016 with the goal of creating a brand to seize the very best of modern and unique styles. I wanted to embrace what it means to be FRESH because I knew it would bring great energy to all types of people and demographics of the fashion industry.

What were you doing prior to starting your clothing line?