Meet One of the Artists Showing at Art Africa Miami 2018

Art Africa Miami is a unique curated fair that showcases visual works from the best emerging and established artists from Africa and its diaspora. During Art Basel, Art Africa Miami brings a vital and essential cultural service to the South Florida community, lending the Magic City a true international flair. One of the artists who will be showing at this amazing showcase will be Trinidad-born Miles Regis. Prolific in both fine art and fashion design, Regis freely swaps the materials and languages of each to enrich the other and believes every action is an opportunity for creative self-expression. Check out what he had to say about social issues, advice for young artists and what’s next for him.

Does any of your work engage with any particular social issues?

I feel like most of my work is social commentary. Most of my work is addressing what we are collectively experiencing as a society. Sometimes there is a deliberate message, but many times people see what they want to see. I have had people look at work and say it relates to what is the news of the day. I think when one views my pieces there is something somewhere in there that connects with or resonates with folk on a