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Meet Omar “OSK Styles” Kinnebrew

I’ve known this man for some time now, but I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with him and learning more about why he is who is he. Omar Kinnebrew is one of the most stylish men I have come across in a long time. If you don’t know him, you soon will. He is known for mixing his classic gentleman style with a modern day flare. I would like to introduce you to the owner and CEO of OSK Styles, Omar Kinnebrew. Omar is a husband and father of one son that started this thriving business with an idea to simply start selling pocket squares and pocket square holders. He designed the squares himself and struck up private label partnership deals with production houses that were making custom clothing for him.

While the need for the classic gentlemen style like his was needed in the city of Atlanta, he made it both appealing to the consumer’s eye as well as their pocket. Omar first found his love for fashion as a kid. His father instilled the importance of dressing for all occasions and representing himself at his best. Now as we know, it costs to look good, as Omar himself found out early on. He found himself going to fabric stores to pick up some of the extra or discarded pieces of fabric to make his own pocket squares because he discovered that $30 was the going average in department stores. He realized he had something special after getting the feedback from friends and family, but mainly after the high demand following his decision to sell his handcrafted pocket squares on eBay. He wasn’t able to produce them as fast as the orders were coming in but that didn’t deter him from doing something great. After finishing his MBA, Omar used his time to create an empire for himself off of something that truly brings him happiness.

One thing that Omar believes in is his family and with his wife Queteria and son, they are by far one of the most fashionable families on the planet. Creating a true partnership, Omar’s wife is one of his biggest supporters and critics, while his son is one of his models. OSK has also launched the Dapper Dad’s Club, which is a social media page for fathers across the country who have passed down their fashionable genes to their kids and is not afraid to share it to inspire the world. OSK has expanded in the world of fashion and is now responsible for a plethora of necessities that should be in every man’s closet, from custom suits, shoes, cufflinks and of course pocket squares and pocket square holders. Check out this classic gentleman style at Omar Kennebrew and his brand are bringing the bespokuture line of custom apparel to your doorstep!


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