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Meet LA Fashion Stylist Andre’ Hammonds

André Hammonds, a Los Angeles-based fashion stylist and media personality, has been styling reality stars, musicians and celebrities for years. Andre’ has a few more projects on the horizon and was gracious enough to share his journey with us.

André, please tell us a little more about you. What motivated you to pursue your numerous endeavors?

I’m an LA-based fashion stylist, media personality and event producer based in LA. I started my career as a fashion stylist through an unexpected meeting with another established stylist. After interning and assisting on a few different projects I got my first personal client, rapper and reality star Diamond (formerly a member of Crime Mob). From there I started to build my own client list including VH1 Black Ink Crew reality stars Katrina Kat Tat, Ryan Henry, and Charmaine Johnise. Additional credits include Dorit Kemsley ( Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), Ajiona Alexus (Acrimony, 13 Reasons Why), Deontay Wilder (Heavyweight Boxing Champion Of the World) & his fiancé Telli Swift (WAGS ATL).

What does 2019 look like for the “All Things André” brand?

2019 is looking great for “All Things André.” I kicked off the year with an amazing opportunity to compete on the TV makeover competition series, “The Look: Allstars” which brings beauty and fashion’s top experts head to head to compete in two different makeover challenges. The episode will air in late spring on The CW network and HULU

In addition to my upcoming TV appearance, I will also be continuing on as a host for PopFuzion and for their “One Minute Pop Culture” segments which highlights the charitable work of some of Hollywood’s top talent.

I’m also currently in the middle of assisting in the wardrobe department for an indie feature that is sure to make waves! All in all, I think things are off to a great start for 2019.

André, what does it mean to be a Quintessential Gentleman to you?

Being a quintessential gentleman to me means being a figure that inspires those around you. A quintessential gentleman is quick to teach, willing to help, and eager to learn. He is someone that our culture and generation can’t live without because the value they bring increases the stock of any situation.

For more information, visit his website.


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