Meet JLine … “The Total Package”

JLine 3

JLine is an accomplished songwriter, producer and choreographer, JLine moved to NYC from small town beginnings to forge his own path in the music business. His music combines EDM beats, pop melodies and personal, self-written lyrics that explore all aspects of his musical personality. The Quintessential Gentleman sits down with JLine as he discusses inspiration, his first single Over and what we can expect in the future!


QG: When did you get the name “JLine”

JLine: About 3 years ago, I decided to adopt a stage name (a mixture of my first and last name) to usher in what felt like a musical rebirth for me. I started working with a new producer at that time, Electropoint and felt so great about the journey I was on that I decided to leave behind who I used to be and move forward as JLiNE.

QG: What was the first song you ever sang?

JLine: When I was in school, we did a production of Into the Woods and I played Jack. My first solo ever was “giants in the sky” and I was so afraid of looking at the audience, that I took out my contact lenses before the show. It worked but I almost fell off the stage a few dozen times. 

QG: How did you get into song writing?