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Meet JLine … “The Total Package”

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JLine is an accomplished songwriter, producer and choreographer, JLine moved to NYC from small town beginnings to forge his own path in the music business. His music combines EDM beats, pop melodies and personal, self-written lyrics that explore all aspects of his musical personality. The Quintessential Gentleman sits down with JLine as he discusses inspiration, his first single Over and what we can expect in the future!


QG: When did you get the name “JLine”

JLine: About 3 years ago, I decided to adopt a stage name (a mixture of my first and last name) to usher in what felt like a musical rebirth for me. I started working with a new producer at that time, Electropoint and felt so great about the journey I was on that I decided to leave behind who I used to be and move forward as JLiNE.

QG: What was the first song you ever sang?

JLine: When I was in school, we did a production of Into the Woods and I played Jack. My first solo ever was “giants in the sky” and I was so afraid of looking at the audience, that I took out my contact lenses before the show. It worked but I almost fell off the stage a few dozen times. 

QG: How did you get into song writing?

JLine: Since I was a kid, I loved writing music and poetry and eventually it became the way I could express myself. To this day, I feel the most honest when I’m writing lyrics and performing my music. 

QG: We know you are a song writer but do you create your own choreography as well?

JLine: Yes, I choreograph all my own dances and am influenced by many different styles and choreographers. House, street jazz, hop hip, modern-it all makes its way into my movements and I try to stay inspired by taking class whenever I can.

QG: Who would you like to do a duet with and why?

JLine: Right now, I would love to work with Dawn Richard. Her voice is amazing and her artistry is insane. She takes chances with her music and I would love if a little of her magic would rub off on me. 

QG: Who has inspired you and why?

JLine: I get inspired by many different artists. From painters like Monet to Marc Chagall, dancers like Martha Graham and Gil Duldulao to musicians like Troye Sivan and Betty Who, they all influence my music, my choreography and my live show. I’m inspired by passionate people who put their all into their art.

QG: Where did your latest song “Over” come from?

JLine: It was inspired by a few relationships I’ve been in, where you feel you look at the other person and say “What have we done? Look at the mess we made here”. It’s about having the best intentions when you come into a relationship and ruining it, no matter how hard you try not to. Wanting to make it work but knowing you never will.

QG: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JLine: Making music, hopefully touring internationally and growing in every sense. I don’t ever want to feel stagnant or complacent.

QG: Where was your favorite city to perform?

JLine: My hometown NYC aside, I would say El Paso TX is up there for me right now. It’s a small city right near the Mexican border, but they showed us so much love and treated us so well when we were there. We were assigned two “ambassadors” that would get us whatever we needed before and after our show. Now that’s start treatment! 

QG: What does a Quintessential Gentleman mean to you?

JLine: A man who knows who he is, stands on his own two feet and fights for what he believes in. The QG is strong, passionate and doesn’t back down.

Make sure you follow him on Social Media @JLineMusic and check out his new music video for his latest singe “Over” below.


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