Meet James Murray, President of Supreme Public Relations

Amongst the droves of New York City Public Relations firms, there is one who wants you to know that they’re going to give you their best. With a hardly contrived confidence, unabashed approach, and an eagle-like eye for fashion, James Murray is seamlessly maneuvering through the rugged terrain we call the fashion industry. Learn more about this young businessman and fashion mogul in this exclusive Quintessential Gentleman interview below.

When did you first discover your love for fashion? 

My life has always been influenced by fashion. It was just something that was always engrained in my character. It is the source of my ability to showcase who I am on so many levels. If you really read into it, anyway…and people that truly know fashion, understand. It has absolutely nothing to do with a label (which many people seem to think is the definition of style or taste). I incorporate my feelings, attitude, emotions…everything into the clothing I wear, and that also changes as my life progresses. 

How did your foray into the world of PR begin?

It was honestly something that just happened. I knew from a young age that fashion and entertainment was what I was going to do, but what exactly it was going to be was yet to be discovered. My freshman year of college I took my first internship at Donna Karan in PR, and that was it from there. Now that I look at everything in perspective…it’s crazy because my life overall (personally and professionally) was like ‘designed’ to turn out the way it is. I believe that everyone has their own fate/destiny…but it’s up to you to allow it to happen the way it was meant too. It’s amazing how things start falling into place.  

How do you think the Supreme ‘brand’ translates into the world of fashion/public relations?

Branding is one of my favorite aspects under the umbrella of Marketing and PR, but for some reason whenever I have to brand myself it becomes so difficult. I definitely had a few sleepless nights over what I was going to name my company. I really wanted it to be something powerful, with a strong personal meaning to me. I started to meditate on what the sole purpose of doing this was…and it was to become my best self. ‘Supreme’ is a term that best describes the effort that I put into the clients I represent, and th