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Meet Fashionisto and Actor: Kyle Price

Kyle Price is an actor, model, TV personality and brand ambassador based out of the New York City area. Currently starring in the second season of SlayTV’s Love @ First Night, Kyle has previously worked with BET, O2 Luxury Eyewear, The Tenth Magazine, DreamNation TV, and Vibe Magazine. We had an opportunity to speak with Kyle about his love of fashion, getting into acting and which 90’s TV Reboot he would like to join!

Talk to us how you started modeling.

I started modeling about 3 years ago. Believe it or not, I was actually pretty shy about fashion and doing new things that worked for me. I was always making notes and dream of building outfits in my head and on Tumblr. Then one day I just went for it and now the Quintessential Gentleman is interviewing me about my fashions so I guess I’m doing something right!

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You are very fashionable, describe your personal style?

I always go by three rules when trying to develop my personal style: 1) Know what works for your body cause every style isn’t for you, 2) Be comfortable and confident, 3) Most importantly have fun and take some risks. Pretty much don’t be boring. Ha

What 3 items should every man have in their closet?

Every man should definitely have a good shoe, an amazing jacket and AT LEAST one suit that makes you look and feel like sex.

Who is your favorite designer and why?

Calvin Klein hands down. All of the details in his clothes are simple, chic and classic. I love the fit of his clothes as well.

When did you discover you wanted to become an actor?

This is kind of embarrassing but as a kid, I always used to do commercials in the mirror with my brush practicing like I was going to be in all of them when I grew up. I’ve always known it was going to happen for me I just didn’t know how. Then one day I was on twitter and one of my friends was developing a web series called “Quarter Century NY” and I just took a chance and got the part. No formal training or anything; I just took a chance on myself and went for it. Ever since then I’ve been fine-tuning my craft and have had the acting bug ever since.

There has been a lot of talk about reboots coming in the future. What TV show reboot would you like to be cast in?

This is probably the hardest question! If I had my choice to be on any reboot it would probably be with “Martin” because I want to see if I would be able to hold character and not crack up when Shenehneh pops up.

It is a great time to be Black and to be in the entertainment/film industry. How do you feel about diversity in the entertainment industry?

It feels great to be black and in the entertainment/film industry especially in this day and age because I think executives are finally starting to “get it”. Audiences are looking more and more to see people from all walks of life on television telling their own authentic stories through their own lens. As a result, more creatives are starting to get to tell their stories from their own perspective on a larger scale. That’s exciting to me because it allows more roles for black people to be less one dimensional and be more complex.

What can we look forward to from Kyle Price?

A complete take over of the world. Ha! But seriously, I want to venture more into the fashion world and develop my brand there. I plan on doing a few more series as well as television and commercial work. Also, it’s always been an initiative of mine to give back and help people advance in their careers just like how people helped me with mine. So I’d love to do something like that. I’m already claiming 2018 as mine so only good things are bound to come.

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