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Meet Chuks Collins: Nigeria Inspired New York Based Fashion Designer

Chuks Collins is a New York Based fashion designer who started his career in Lagos, Nigeria. His designs have appeared on the runways of New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Atlanta International Fashion week and Nigeria Fashion Weeks. With the newly published 2019 Grunt Style gift guide you may want to check out our interview below as he talks fashion, his culture, and the future.

How has African culture especially, Nigerian culture helped to shape your design aesthetic?

First, I will say that Nigeria has a very rich culture that you cannot forget in a hurry and leaves a positive mark on you. The rich and vibrant culture definitely helped me to navigate my way in staying true to who I am which is being fearless and bold. I often infuse some African inspiration to my design with a global focus in mind.

Your brand seems to be catered to more upscale looks. Can you explain and will there be more casual designs in the future?

My brand is a luxury brand that specializes in high-end clothing. My fashion background came from bridal, Couture and evening wear for both men and women. These type of pieces are not cheap as they are made from design conception to the finish garment (Bespoke) customized with your measurement for your body type. The work we put into every piece is tailored differently, fitting every client’s preference. I have ready to wear pieces that are relatively affordable and actually on sale right now.

You have more women’s wear now on your site than menswear. Will there be more menswear designs coming soon?

Oh yes, definitely. But we just uploaded lots of mens designs now. Also I am showing a new Men’s Line for the NYFW on September 14th. This new line is 72 hours that embodies the “Past, Present and Future”. It’s going to be the best I have ever done in mens clothing!

If you could describe your clothing using one or two words what would that be and how do you want people to regard your fashions?

To me, clothing is a tool for expression, for connection, for protection. I design clothes for the girl/boy in every woman/man, who aspires to embody and express their core, to connect with their tribe, and to wear as amour along the Journey.

You’ve shown at Nigeria Fashion Week and Atlanta International Fashion Week in the past where else can we see your designs walk the runway in the near future?

In addition to showing in New York Fashion Week, I have also shown for a number of other fashion weeks but this September 14th I will be showing again at the Angel Orensza venue.

You changed your name from Kholyn’s Couture to Chuks Collins can you tell us more about the rebranding? Why are branding and marketing so important to you as a fashion designer?

Your brand is your identity and I will like to leave a great footprint here on earth. Changing from Kholyns Couture to Chuks Collins was the beginning of a new phase of my life and career after a near death experience. I am grateful for a second chance.

What’s next for Chuks Collins designs?

Come September 14th. Change and Empowerment are born.

Check out some of his designs below.

Make sure you check out Chuks Collins designs on his website.

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