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Meet Chef Q Matisse, The Southern Gentleman

In the world of culinary arts you meet plenty of people who love to cook but if you’re lucky, you meet culinary artists. Brooklyn born Chef Q. Matisse Danilo Myers is one of those artists.

Being of Panamanian, West Indian, Spain, and Italian descent, his culinary infusions and inspirations come naturally and at the age of 17, he realized culinary expression was his way of making his mark on the world. Taking his passions seriously, Chef Q decided to pursue education by attending Johnson and Wales University, eventually receiving an associates degree in Culinary Arts as well as 2 bachelors degrees in Hotel Restaraunt Management and Institution and Dietary Food and Nutrition. Eventually, he put it in his mind that the south was the next chapter in his journey and Atlanta was it. He quickly began to make his mark on the restaurant industry working in some of the top kitchens in the city. Since moving to Atlanta, Chef Q has received such honors as Zagat’s 8 Secret Chef Weapons in Atlanta, Voted in the top five of Atlanta’s Best Burgers With Buck by Fox 5 News and Culinary Instructor at Johnson & Wales University just to name a few. He has also had his hand in some of Atlanta’s best restaurants including his current position as executive chef at Southern Gentleman.

Believing that everything he cooks should be an experience not only for him but for the people who enjoy his cuisine, he puts every bit of his heart, soul, and education into it and everything he does. Chef Q believes in continuing to give back. Realizing that living a successful like does not mean making money, but touching and inspiring the people you meet and he strives to continue to create opportunities for those around him. Everyone deserves a chance. When asked what makes him a Quintessential Gentleman, he says ” I have sincerity in my heart, constantly thinking of change whether it’s getting all of the homeless people off the streets to helping one of my workers. We helped raise over $6,000 to help bury his [the worker] daughter. Things like that give me joy. I think I have a strong heart and mind. I am open to listening to anybody on any level. I am always interested in improving myself and anybody around me. I have this vision that I am going to take everyone around me with me. I know it can be a lot to carry but I enjoy their successes before I get mine. By helping others, I know I’ve succeeded.”

While interviewing Chef Q, I had the opportunity to experience his take on Shrimp and Grits. Check out the techniques and finished product.

If you have the chance to visit the Southern Gentleman, tell them The Quintessential Gentleman sent you. Stay connected with Chef Q here.

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