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Mechie Tells Us It’s All About the Music

Between music and his viral history, Demetrius Harris has his head beyond today’s idea of music. Twenty-four year old Demetrius or MechieSoCrazy recalls his life as always having a musical background. His mother from a young age kept him in churches. Gaining his musical expertise from singing in the choir and studying greats like Micheal Jackson formed who he is today as an artist. Mechie also gained influences from Beyoncé in all her gloriousness. Mechie admired the fact that she’s always the first in rehearsal and the last one out. He admitted that all in all it’s her work ethic that captured his attention. Chris Brown is also one of the artists mentioned. Mechie explained Chris is “definitely an artist I watch when it comes to certain elements. His dancing and creative natures are what make his a prime example of what hard work forms.”

With a single out Skrt Skrt produced by Troy Taylor, it’s quite evident that Mechie is going with the flow of his influencers. Mechie added that he and artist Pointguard actually wrote the record during a studio session of vibing out. Mechie also went on to say “in today’s time a lot of music heard on the radio not to bag on anyone doesn’t seem to be thought through.”

Growing up in the age of R&B fading out and mumble rap blaring, it is easy to see why Mechie would say this. He mentioned that R&B is coming back and that it never left. It’s a gem to have an artist who is versatile in all aspects of music and Mechie is a diamond in the rough. “Most want success over night. I’ve been at the this for seven years and I believe in patience, building my craft. When the time comes you have to be prepared.” When you’re an artist this is the ideal mentality that separates the ones from the twos.

Mechie doesn’t do it on his own. His support system is what got him to where he is and where he is going. Mechie elaborated on what it means to build your team. “You can’t do anything without a great support system. Having a great family and finding people that genuinely love music.” That’s the key to success in the industry.

MechieSoCrazy is a professional with his career in the right balance. That is what fans should keep in mind when listening to his upcoming debut EP. Fans could “expect some Usher, Chris Brown, and Justin Timberlake. Overall expect great music from start to finish there won’t be any skipping on mine.”

Music isn’t the only thing Mechie has his eyes on. He stated that he wants to venture off and start his own clothing line as his music progresses. There’s also a documentary highlighting MechieSoCrazy’s upbringing and background in the works, so be prepared. Everything from the BET Awards and new music, there isn’t anything holding Mechie back, so be on the lookout.

Mechie’s newest single Like Dat will be released June 10th!


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