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The Meat I Chose to Eat: Meat N’Bone

Have you ever tasted an emotion? I have quite a few times in life but the first time I tasted an emotion in this new decade came courtesy of my cooking skills and this amazing slab of Cheshire St. Louis Ribs I received from Meat N’ Bone.

One of my new year’s resolutions was to lay off of the beef UNLESS I had a reason and this was certainly my reason. So, it was a cold winter Sunday in Atlanta and a tradition I am always willing to honor in our culture is a big dinner being prepared on a Sunday. I had a craving for ribs but I didn’t want to be back in forth between the grill outside and the nice warmth that waited on me inside. I decided to heat up the oven and go for it.

The meat has thawed for a few hours, so they were soft and ready for some seasoning. I didn’t want to over season because I wanted more of the natural flavor to come out of the meat. I simply sprinkled the meat with Celery Salt, Garlic Salt, a smidge of Seasoning Salt and Pepper and popped it in the oven on 350 degrees. I came back periodically to check the ribs, which I wrapped in aluminum foil for the first hour. After the first hour was up, I uncovered the ribs and sprinkled some Italian Dressing and let it cook for the remaining hour. The result was a fall off of the bone, juicy and most succulent meat I have ever prepared.

Now, I know I can throw down in the kitchen but you also have to use quality meats and Meat N’ Bone was it. Meat N’ Bone offers on-demand ordering with same-day delivery in South Florida and 24-hour+ delivery nationwide. And, our pricing is competitive with other online meat retailers and fine grocery stores. Visit Meat N’ Bone online to order your quality meat today!


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