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How Max Perez is Changing Businesswear with xSuit

In today's more relaxed society, many fashion enthusiasts have wondered about the future of a menswear classic, the suit. With many industries such as big tech already operating with jeans and sneakers dress codes, and more traditional industries like banking now relaxing their professional attire requirements, the need for men to have a wardrobe of suits has come into question. However, designer Max Perez aims to keep suiting relevant with his innovative xSuit line, which mixes classic styles with modern technology for the 21st-century man.

What inspired you to start xSuit?

During my time working for M1NT, a prestigious nightclub and restaurant in Shanghai, I frequently wore suits and began to notice the countless limitations of classic suiting. These limitations led me back to my true passion and fashion roots. I created the xSuit as a solution for the modern man; a suit that withstands liquid, stains, smells and wrinkles while still featuring luxury design details.

How would you describe your approach to designing suits and businesswear?

My initial approach began with identifying all of the things I felt were wrong with classic suiting – limited movement, how badly they tend to wrinkle and how quickly they can stain and develop an odor. I melded all of these problems into one solution by creating a garment that could withstand stains, smells, wrinkles and that is entirely constructed from a stretch material to allow for unparalleled freedom of movement. I have also been inspired by suiting designs from several upscale brands in order to create a style of suit I have always wanted to own but could either never find or afford.

What are key features that differentiate xSuit from other suit makers in the market?

The xSuit incorporates wearable technology with multiple self-protection functions such as liquid repellency, wrinkle defense and memory, shell fabric stretch, elasticized lining, odor protection and breathable temperature protection. This protection system not only adds durability to the suit, but also makes it more comfortable for the wearer and increases its life span. Additionally, the xSuit’s liquid- and stain-repellant technology is woven into the garment’s fabric, rather than coated on the outer layer of the suit as other brands tend to do.

How would you describe the xSuit customer?

The xSuit customer tends to be tech-forward, enjoys traveling and looks to make a strong fashion statement with his style; he is not afraid to be different.  Our customer also tends to be a professional who travels frequently on business and is therefore accustomed to going straight from a plane or train to a meeting. The self-protection functions of the xSuit come in handy for this type of lifestyle.

How do you feel suits and business/formalwear fit in today's more casual world? 

Today’s man doesn’t want to feel restricted or weighed down by clothes. He wants to appear elegant but not stiff, smart but not stuffy. The combination of a casual lifestyle and a yearning for professionalism has created the need for a new kind of tailoring – we are pioneering the reconstruction of a classic.  With technology in mind, we aim to revolutionize the market by creating formal clothes integrated with particular advancements, discussed earlier, to give our suits a more casual feel while still looking polished.

Do you have any plans to expand the xSuit brand in the future?

We have several exciting projects that will be debuting throughout 2020. We want to take the original xSuit and make it more versatile so that it is appealing to a larger audience, not just professionals that travel frequently for work. By introducing new product lines to our collection, we will be able to grow our customer base with new designs that include the same technological features of the original.

Photo: xSuit Website


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