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Marcus Banks: On and Off the Court


Marcus Banks is an internationally acclaimed Professional Basketball player whose career started out as a young child who knew only to be like the greats inspiring others through his drive and determination. Banks is a force to be reckoned with as a journeyman point guard who is one of the NBA’s toughest defenders. The Quintessential Gentleman sat down with Mr. Banks to discuss Basketball, Fashion and what he does off the court.

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QG: Growing up did you always know you wanted to play basketball?

MB: Growing up I always knew I wanted to play professional sports. Most people don’t know that I actually played football and was equally as good. I played both sports up until high school, when I was forced to choose and basketball is what I loved the most.

QG: What non basketball and basketball player influenced you the most?

MB: Growing up a non basketball player that influenced me the most was my dad. He was always hard working, a great provider, and he taught me how to be a competitor. The basketball player that influenced me the most was Michael Jordan. He paved the way and really showed us young guys how to be great.

QG: How was the transition from playing in the states to playing internationally?

MB: The transition from playing in the NBA to playing internationally was very different. My transition however was not difficult at all. Regardless of how its approached, basketball is universal, so once I was able to adjust to the cultural differences and adapt to living on a foreign country I was ok. To be honest the most difficult thing was being away from from family and friends.

QG: If you could create a 5 person team of players of all time, including yourself, who would you choose?

MB: Marcus Banks, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Shaquille O’neal, Kobe Bryant.

QG: If you weren’t playing basketball what would you be doing?

MB: If I weren’t playing basketball I would be coaching.

QG: What do you do off the court?

MB: Off the court I have been spending most of my time networking and in business meetings. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with and be mentored by a few extremely successful business men and moguls and we are working on something major.

QG: You have a particular interest in fashion, where did this interest come from?

MB: I can’t pin point exactly when I became interested in fashion because I’ve been interested as far back as I can remember. Even as a kid I always wanted to dress nice and have nice shoes.  Appearance was always important to me. I was always mindful that my clothes were ironed and my sneakers were clean and crispy! HA!

QG: Who is your favorite Designer?

MB: I don’t necessarily have a favorite designer because I mix and match all the time and wear several brands and labels. In my closet you will find anything from designer labels to a shirt from Target.

QG: Who do you believe is the best dressed player in the league right now?

MB: I would say the best dressed player in the league right now is Dwayne Wade.

QG: Can we look forward to a fashion partnership with a brand in the future? 

MB: I would absolutely be interested in a fashion partnership in the future. Particularly in high fashion and active wear.

QG: What can we look forward from you in the future?

MB: Look forward to me still being on the court but don’t be shocked if I pop up in Business Weekly or Forbes!