Marcus Allen: Lyrical Soul

Marcus Allen rises from hometown roots to the path leading toward national stardom. This shining star generously gives us a little more insight into his life. His captivating recollections and hopes for the future will undoubtedly mark our memories. A young upstart might be encouraged to pursue their musical passions by learning a dream can be achieved with a good work ethic. A positive outlook, tenacity, and networking with other like-minded creatives can lead to limitless possibilities. When you`re doing what you love it doesn’t feel like work. The statement rings true, and Allen exemplifies this through his great love for music.

Why does R&B appeal to you above other various musical genres?

R&B appeals to me more not only because of my love for R&B but because I feel R&B is the voice of emotion and feeling for music.

What’s it like to perform with numerous iconic superstars?