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Manhattan Knights FW18 Presentation

Fashion week may be over but we are still introducing our readers to some cool fashions presented during NYFW. Samuel Murkofsky is the designer of ManhattanKnights. The clothes are casual but cool and we wanted to introduce our readers to his FW18 collection. We are impressed by his ability to take casual clothes and advance them to a level of being fashion forward.

Born and raised on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Samuel Murkofsky has always had a keen and profound appreciation for the city and its amalgam of cultures, styles, eccentricities, and contradictions. Discovering a love of fashion at a young age, and deeply attached to a grandfather in the formal wear business, Sam began by customizing teeshirts and one-of-a-kind vintage garments for friends and family alike. After graduating from Hunter College with a degree in Theatre Arts and the Classics and working in the luxury retail world, Sam embarked on the ManhattanKnights journey, introducing his collection to the fashion market in 2015.


Manhattanknights derives from and is inspired by a deep love for New York, its culture, its people and its humor. ManhattanKnights’ current collection is also inspired by adolescence – particularly the designers. I hearken back to times spent in New York City at the turn of the millennium. References to popular styles and statements prevalent in that period are re-invented for the “now” generation. The Manhattanknights person imagined as taking apart their prep school wardrobe and refitting it to suit today’s world. What would those millennial-articulated fabrics, styles, and designs look like today?

We really enjoy his “Just Don’t” sweatsuits which come in burgundy and green for men as well in the FW18 collection. If you want to check out other merchandise by the designer visit his website here.

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