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Making Friends While You Travel

Travelers all over the globe are rapidly embracing the new trend of living like locals, rather than being ordinary tourists who flock to well-publicized destinations, attractions, and restaurants. This summer, travelers can locate and connect with locals and others seeking authentic experiences through the new travel site, Zipskee. Zipskee gives both travelers and locals the option to build genuine friendships with one another while discovering non-touristy activities, locations, and culture that are only experienced by local residents.

“While traveling in Austria, I wanted a deeper cultural experience. I had one Austrian friend who was gracious enough to show me the real Austria, and I thought, ‘How great would it be if everyone had a friend like that in every city they visited?’” said Evan Hung, CEO & Co-Founder of Zipskee. “And so, Zipskee was created to fill this gap. With Zipskee, users can find more meaningful experiences with local guides or other travelers looking to learn about a destination outside of what’s in their guidebook — all while making unforgettable lifelong friendships.”

Now with Zipskee, users can explore the hidden gems of a city through its people. Local foodies can share their cuisine, multi-generational residents can teach their city’s history, and hometown photographers can show off their favorite scenic spots. With Zipskee, you really can have a friend wherever you go.

Here’s how it works: Users can create an account with their email and password (Facebook login will soon be made available). Travelers and guides set up a profile that includes a profile photo, description, languages spoken, and interests. Based on this information, users will be matched with others who share the same passions. Users can set their status between “traveling” or “guiding” and also update their current city to help other users find them. To make connections, users type in cities and even landmarks into Zipskee’s search to find travelers and guides in the area. Once connected, travelers and guides can easily communicate over Zipskee’s intuitive chat system, where users can ask for recommendations or even to meet-up — email notifications then let users know when they’ve received a messages. Zipskee values each user’s safety, and with ratings and reviews posted to every user’s profile, others can feel safe and excited to find connections right for them.

“The world is filled with amazing people, beautiful landscapes, and unique experiences — in such a well-connected world, it shouldn’t be so difficult for travelers to connect with locals or other travelers to genuinely experience a destination. With Zipskee, it no longer needs to be a challenge,” said Hung.

To start traveling with new friends this summer, visit and become a traveler or guide for your city.


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