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M. Diggs Presents The Mahogany Collection for NYFW

Six months after its last collection debut, M. Diggs hits the New York fashion scene once again with a high-glam resort wear paying homage to the 70’s silhouettes. The presentation took place in a nice studio space in Chelsea where Diggs placed an all black model lineup throughout the white space for spectators to view.

M. Diggs 2

​The collection title “Mahogany”, inspired by the infamous movie starring Diana Ross, has always been a favorite for the Brooklyn born designer. Much like Ross’ character in the movie, Diggs has struggled to make a name for himself in this industry, but hopes that this collection and the rest to follow…will certainly bring about change. Selecting an all black model lineup was another first for the designer. With everything happening in society, he wanted to make it his mission to uplift and empower and what better way than by ensuring his models were all black and beautiful.

The collection started off with research of trends from the 70’s era and how Diggs could merge those with today’s, all while staying true to his brand’s aesthetic. Taking a journey through his own archives and bringing certain elements back, ensuring the brand identity remained evident and as consistent as possible.

This season’s color pallet is comprised of rich golds, emeralds and black.  In this collection you are sure to see similar asymmetric lines, exaggerated lengths and mesh; design elements Diggs loves to incorporate. With the addition of the sequins, beads and fur to achieve those subtle moments, that attention to detail was a big focus for Diggs with getting this collection right that he went as far as creating waist belts and fur slippers for the gentleman to complete their looks.

You can shop the newest collection by visiting

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