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Star of “Love @ First Night” Discusses the Web Series, Modeling and Traveling to Africa

In recent years, the conversation of diversity has been on the top of everyone’s mind and with so many different types of people in the world, having diversity has grown to encompass so much more. A group that is still fighting for their stories to be told on the big and little screens are members of the LGBTQ+. They are yearning for authentic and timely scripts to be written so they can see themselves represented. Love @ First Night is one of those scripts that has been written and depicts the relationship between two gay black men. In this love story, we get to see the different dynamics of their relationship unfold as well as how they manage friends, careers and loving each other.

In anticipation of the premiere of Season 3, we had the opportunity to speak with one of the stars of Love @ First Night, Kyle Price. Learn more about him and what we can expect from Season 3!

What appeals to you most about being an actor?

What appeals to me most about being an actor is being able to transform into other people and seeing the different viewpoints of each character. It allows you to venture outside of your own comfort zone and even reconsider how you think and feel about things you once thought you knew and believed in.

We have seen you modeling not only here in the states but also abroad, how has that journey been?

Life changing!! I lived in Cape Town for 3 months for my agency, Cover Model Management, and the whole experience gave me a whole new outlook on life. Just taking in all the different culture as well as meeting all the new and beautiful people there gave me a new found sense of purpose.

On your travels, what was the most interesting part?

Just seeing how different people lived as opposed to here in the States. Also, just being able to take in all of the beautiful sites while living in the moment. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty of everything that I’ve seen while living in Africa.

For people who have yet to leave their home country, give them one reason why they should travel abroad.

Definitely go just to get a greater scope of the world. We sometimes tend to think that our immediate surroundings are all that there is to the world but there are so many other facets to life and experiences that make life worth living. If anything, go for that.

Tell us about “Love @ First Night” and what can we expect from season 3?

Love @ First Night’ is a romantic comedy web series based on the lives and relationship of two black men named Spencer and Jayden who go through a whole bunch of up’s and down’s dealing with a myriad of unfortunate situations while dealing with relationship issues, shady friendship, depression, and unfair job situations.

For season 3, there will be more of the story that the fans have grown to know and love but also personal growth in all the characters.

We don’t see a lot of gay black men in love and navigating through life on TV. How revolutionary has “Love @ First Night” been for the LGBTQ+ Community?

I think our show has been revolutionary for the LGBTQ+ movement in the sense that it allows our main characters, who happen to be gay black men, just be in love with no reservation. They’re allowed to operate and just be their genuine selves freely and not have to worry about being ridiculed or shamed for loving who they love. The show is also allowing the characters to just be ‘normal’ like everyone else in a relationship. We fight, we make up, we have secrets, we laugh and we love like everyone else and it just feels very natural.

After watching “Love @ First Night” what should the audience learn?

That love is complicated for everyone; we’re all just trying to figure it out. It doesn’t matter who you are or who you choose to love, there are going to be issues. But above all else, if the love is strong enough you can make it through anything.

When it comes to dating, how do you feel about dating apps? Can you really find love on them?

Recently, I’ve deleted all the dating apps off of my phone. They’ve become too distracting for my everyday life. Also, I’m valuing my real life interactions more nowadays so that would be my preferred method of meeting people. I think you can genuinely find love on them if you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for but for me right now? Not so much…

How did you get involved with “Love @ First Night”?

The creator of the show, Terry Torrington, approached me after seeing me in the web series that I had done previously called “Quarter Century NY”. We had known each other in passing for years prior but never got the chance to collaborate and then he presented me with this project after he saw my depiction on the show. The rest is history.

What can fans expect from you in the future?

They can expect more acting, I’m looking to book some more campaigns in the States as well as internationally. Also, I’d like to do more giving back to the community and panel talks as a motivational speaker. The future’s looking bright!

Season 3 of LAFN will be released on SLAY TV Wednesday, Sept 25th. The first episode will be

FREE to view, to access the rest of the upcoming season COMMERCIAL FREE you can SUBSCRIBE to SLAY TV. Limited viewing will be available on YouTube.

Photo Credit: Harvey Jackson


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