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Louis Vuitton Designs a Trunk to Hold Your Hennessy

Hennessy Paradis Imperial represents the pinnacle of cognac craftsmanship. Generations of precise tasting techniques, finesse, elegance, inherited sensorial memories and patience goes into every bottle. It’s more than a drink; Paradis Imperial is a work of art.

After meticulous research, Hennessy recreated the royal blend using aged twentieth and nineteenth-century eaux-de-vie that is double-distilled brandy retaining its fruity flavors.

Hennessy has teamed with fellow LVMH family member Louis Vuitton to create an incredibly impressive luxury item. The Louis Vuitton X Hennessy Trunk & Decanter is an opulent new trunk set to lavishly store your premium spirits to entertain guests.

Hennessy 3

The trunk itself is handcrafted in France and exquisitely finished with all the premium materials that the brand has come to be known for including luxury leathers and more. The trunk opens to reveal a makeshift bar, complete with four magnum-sized crystal decanters or Paradis Impérial: an exclusive cognac aged for more than a century in French oak and sourced from one of the oldest barrelhouses in the world. Crystal stemware and supplies for up to 18 guests to let connoisseurs take their wares with them wherever they go.

If you have an extra quarter million floating around, you can special-order the trunk starting this month. In addition to the trunk, Hennessy commissioned artist Arik Levy to create a decadent crystal decanter that features a sleek faceted design perfect for presenting the rare cognac’s exquisite golden hue. The decanter will set you back $3,000 USD which holds 750ml.

Hennessy 2

Hennessy Paradis Imperial is a blend of unique character imbued with unexpected contrasts and ethereal grace. Its celadon-tinged golden hue is surprisingly lighter than that of traditional cognacs. This is thanks to the mature oak casks, used to preserve finesse. Despite the age of its eaux-de-vie, Hennessy Paradis Imperial features a light structure and a delicate yet persistent finish characterized by floral notes edged with a smoky, spicy accent.

The Louis Vuitton X Hennessy Trunk & Decanter is priced at $273,000. You can find out more information about Hennessy’s Paradis Impérial cognac and the Hennessy x Louis Vuitton trunk set at Hennessy’s official website.


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