Louboutin Announces Running Shoe with Quincy Brown

Louboutin is a luxury brand invested in high-end fashion and producing quality goods. Quincy Brown got to dip his toes into the film scene with the release of Louboutin’s new running shoe.

Run Loubi Run is the title of the new performance shoe. Quincy directed the short film that focuses on the new shoe and he is not the only star of the film. Quincy has also included Christian and Justin Combs (his brothers) to further execute his artistic vision. The Louboutin brand is already well known with a following charged with celebrities the likes of Cardi B, Lady Gaga, and P. Diddy.


This short film isn’t the only project Quincy Brown has done. He directed his own music video, for his single Snuggle up. He went from shooting with a Google Pixel 2 phone to an actual directors’ camera. With the help of Otto Arsenault, veteran fashion director, and dancer ‘Kid the Wiz,’ Quincy has created a dance oriented visual masterpiece. It’s a genius move by Louboutin’s marketing heads. The young and enterprising, a.k.a Millennials, are a big consumer market. Quincy just might be the key to ushering Louboutin into the new age of cool!


Louboutin’s history is ingrained deep into French culture. The term “red bottoms” refers to the red-lacquered outside sole of the stilettos that put this brand on the map. It’s interesting that Quincy is starting small with short films. Christian Louboutin himself started the same way; partnering with other brands for small projects. Yes, he was very esta