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Living a Lytt Life During the Winter Blues

I had the chance to try out this new product called LYTT. Never heard of it before until recently, however, as a millennial if a brand uses the term and buzzword “Lit” it could only mean two things. One, that it’s a possible fail attempt to be cool as they try to reach their targetted consumer or that it’s actually a LIT-uation (a lit situation).

Whenever I go out to bars or pregame with friends, my drink of choice will forever be something that’s immersed in flavors. Something sweet that dances on my palette. Something that is sure to hide the unpalatable taste of alcohol. All while giving me my desired goal of feeling over the moon.

When the QG team received this product, I knew it was something I wanted to try. I mean it’s a canned cocktail that comes in an array of assorted flavors. I knew it was just my zhoosh to beat the winter blues. Lytt not only met my expectation, but it was light and didn’t process a lot of sugar, which typically causes hangovers. If you’re ever hosting friends at your home, I truly recommend you pop a can or two or three of Lytt and share it over a glass of ice. Trust me, they will think you’re a mixologist.

LYTT comes in Cherry Lime, Fruit Punch, Peach Tea, Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonade. Alcohol by volume ranges from 10% to 15%, using reverse osmosis alcohol and is guarana infused.

Visit their website to order your package today.


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