Liquor Lab: The Most Fun You Will Ever Have Making Drinks

Let’s face it, heading to the bar and having your favorite bartender pour your favorite drink is simple and easy. Sometimes I wish you could bring the bartender to the house so they can make those same drinks for a house party with friends. But what if you could become that skilled bartender you love so much. Well, Liquor Lab is allowing you to learn and experience the art of making amazing cocktails.

Liquor Lab is Manhattan’s first space solely dedicated to offering interactive instructional cocktail sessions and events, suitable for drinkers of all levels and bartenders seeking additional training. Think about it as a cooking class but for specialty drinks.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend one of Liquor Lab’s class created by owner Owen Meyer. The set up looks like a laboratory but instead of creating a chemical compound we are concocting drinkable liquids fused with alcohol. Freddie Sarkis, the Chief Cocktail Officer, leads the class with knowledge of each specific ingredient needed for the drink but also with instructions on how to use the tools like a shaker and spoon (something I thought I had down pack for years). With a mix of food, music, and conversation the liquor lab is great for a date night or guys night out.

Check out my interview with Owen and Freddie below.

After leaving the Liquor Lab, you will never be dependent on a bartender again! Book your New York City Liquor Lab experience today!