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Limited Edition Kendrick Lamar Vinyl: DAMN

The double Platinum album from Kendrick Lamar got a Limited edition release. Coming with a signed casing and red-colored 180-gram Vinyl, pre-orders were only for a couple days back in April and were mailed out just a few weeks ago. While the time to place your orders for this record has ended, you can still get regular Double LP.

For Vinyl enthusiasts and the more, easy going, music fans alike, this album is great to have. Even just for display or something you want to play, just having it to stunt on guests feels appropriate. Furthermore, support your artist! Even if you have the ability to stream the album for free, why not put our money to something cool.

{Jae Gongora|QG}

DAMN. Inner Cover {Jae Gongora|QG}

{Jae Gongora|QG}

DAMN. Back Cover. {Jae Gongora|QG}

On second thought, “cool” is subjective. Accordingly, purchase an album worth a DAMN (You know it was intended). Lamar is the most influential artist of his generation. His music speaks to social issues and goes places few artist of his stature venture to go. However, Kendrick’s ability as a lyrical artist is only matched by his creativity visually.

The Record plays beautifully and flawlessly as the red vinyl spins. Similarly, it makes listening to the album in full, a visceral experience.

{Jae Gongora|QG}

DAMN. Inner Cover and vinyl. {Jae Gongora|QG}


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