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Let’s Get Physical with East Dane

Spring is in the air well depending on your exact geotag you may still be dealing with the tail end of winter and waiting for the temperature to officially break. One thing for certain we are three months away from our big reveals. What big reveal you ask? The day when you show the world if cakes, pies, mac and cheese and all those glorious things took over your New Years commitment towards building your summer bodies. If you’re anything like me then you’re probably making a personal vow today to take serious steps towards being summertime fine.

Retailer East Dane has just what you need to get motivated while looking stylish at your local fitness facility or home gym. See our picks below of a few items to get back on your grind.

Marshall Major II Over the Ear Headphones – $100.00

Tom Dixon Rock Weight 2.5kg – $225.00

Halo Sprinter Shorts $80.00

APL: Athletic Propulsion Labs TechLoom Breeze Sneakers – $200.00

Satisfy Light Long Tee – $148.00


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