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Leonardo Cavalli Hosts 24 & Divorced Book and Wounded Album Party

Last night, Leonardo Cavalli hosted a special event for his book 24 and Divorced and his new album Wounded in New York City. 

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Leonardo Cavalli is an award winning business expert that teaches on the art of negotiation. He is a New York based motivational speaker that travels the world helping individuals maximize their lives. Cavalli currently serves as the Co-CEO for The CROWN Music Group, and is afflicted with major labels including Sony, Def Jam, Warner Bros. and Epic Records. On top of overseeing several musical projects, Cavalli is also a songwriter, video director and recording artist himself. Cavalli is also a marriage counselor that holds seminars across America.” 

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The evening began with a VIP reception where guests were able to meet and greet with Cavalli. The party started off with a reading from 24 & Divorced read by Maylia McNaughton. Cavalli played a snippet from a number of his songs off of his 24 song album accompanied with the beautiful violinist Allyson Clare. Cavalli gave a brief description of what each song meant giving listeners even more depth of the songs and how it tied into his book.

24 And Divorced

The book 24 & Divorced is a true story of rocket success, rockbottom failure and a blindsided betrayal that ruined Leonardo Cavalli’s marriage, leaving him devastated for years to come. This story begins with Cavalli in a medical research facility, taking experimental test drugs to earn enough money to get his car, home and life back on track. As the first needle is injected in Cavalli’s arm he fights back tears as he internally evaluates how his once, amazingly ordered life got to that pitiful point. Throughout this book Cavalli speaks on red flags he should have avoided, and lessons that he learned that he uses to counsel courting and married couples. Cavalli writes with the intention of helping people who are in love stay in love, and helping people that have been hurt gain the courage need to fall in love again.

Wounded is an album that covers topics of falling in and out of love. Cavalli touches on how he momentarily lost faith in humanity as well as the creator of them. He also speaks on how he lost it all, and then found himself after years of soul searching. The genres on this album include R&B, Hip-Hop, Cross-Over Pop and Reggae. He created this album to pair with 24 & Divorced.

Make sure you pick up 24 & Divorced at Barnes and Nobles and download Wounded on Apple Music TODAY!

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