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Lenny Kravitz is On a New Mission and It’s TWICE Toothpaste

You should already know Lenny Kravitz as an electrifying musician but he’s started a new venture you probably won’t expect. On World Smile Day, co-founders Kravitz and The Levine Brothers officially shipped their unique brand of toothpaste. TWICE toothpaste is a new mission-driven oral care brand created with you in mind for your dental health, and is also driven to motivate you! Yes, you should brush twice a day. The name says it all.

The New York-based brothers and the music icon teamed up on this journey with the philosophy, Health starts in the mouth. Good hygiene is important period and your smile can leave the first and last impression. You always remember a stunning smile. It goes a long way. So perhaps get yourself some and see how it could improve your smile, as well as looking into different dentistries like Dentist Yuma and see how they can improve your oral health for you also.

The founders were inspired and called on this mission together while on a charitable dental mission that changed their lives. They are also giving 10% of company profits back to that charity, the GLO Good Foundation. It’s their way to ensure underserved communities around the world receive dental care that they deserve.

Did you know there’s a statistic that 35% of Americans don’t brush twice a day? They teamed up with experts to help resolve this problem. The goal was to design a set of toothpaste and that’s what they did. One was created to awaken in the morning and one to relax at night. The duo combines ingredients to promote your teeth and mouth health. It offers whitening, anti-cavity, enamel, and sensitivity benefits. So, whether you already have a set of pearly whites that would delight a Dentist in Greenbelt, or your teeth could use a little work, this toothpaste is the perfect prodcut for you. It’s also power-packed with antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E, plant-based extract aloe vera and one of a kind functional flavors. TWICE is made to be non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, and never tested by animals. I’m sure dentists similar to Gary L. Cash, DDS would enjoy their patients using similar products.

This positioned beauty product will fly off of the countertops with its set design. TWICE is definitely not intended to be the typical oral care company you heard about before. They are setting the bar way high with Early Bird and Twilight. It’s affordable and fun, and available here.


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