Legendary Designer Karl Kani Talks Wardrobe for All Eyez On Me and More

If you know anything about 90’s fashion you know that Karl Kani reigned supreme when it came to urban streetwear. His two piece short sets, bright colors, and baggy fits were all the rave for so many of us. With the recent release of Tupac’s biopic, All Eyez On Me, Kani is back in the headlines for the very thing that made him popular for over a decade: his clothing! Kani designed vintage pieces for the film which was a no-brainer considering that the iconic west coast rapper wore his pieces. Check out our interview where the fashion designer chats it up with us about everything from the film to which artists today he can see wearing his clothing.

Karl Kani 2

It was amazing because you know a lot of the pieces that we made for the film were pieces that came out in 1992 and 1993. So it took me back down memory lane. It also made me appreciate the moment of what we were able to establish with streetwear culture and fashion from back in the days because it’s never been done before. And to see it all come back full circle 28 years later. It’s amazing.

Can you just tell me a little bit about the process it took to recreate the vintage looks and so fast for the film?

You know it was pretty interesting because you know the fits that we have nowadays are not as baggy as it was back then. So we had to really remake all the patterns and all the fits look authentic because you know back then guys were wearing their clothes very much oversized. We had to dig into the crates and pull up our old patterns and we had to recreate the fabrics for them to look and appear vintage to give it that authentic feeling. So it was very fun, it was intriguing and it showed the power of streetwear culture and especially when the movie comes out people will see it all come together full circle. It’s an amazing experience.