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LeBron James: Dimes in the Dozens

Tuesday night, Lebron James got his 10th Triple-Double on the season, the most ever in a season for the Cavaliers. He is the 12th player ever to have 10 or more in one season. With a stat line of 16-11-12, James is playing some of the best ball of his career. On the cusp of averaging a Triple-Double, James is undoubtedly not done this season. James has always been the chief ball handler/distributer on his championship teams but he has in this season become as close to a Point guard as he’s ever been.

(David Liam Kyle – Getty Images)

The numbers show that the Cavs are simply better when LeBron is dishing out. The Cavs are 15-2 when James rakes in 12 assists or more and 5-7 when he records 5 or less. With Kyrie Irving by his side, J.R Smith back and Kevin Love on the way, James will have his best team on the floor going into the playoffs.

With James playing at his peak, the Warriors should be concerned. The Warriors are 1-3 in their last 4 games. That one win was a comeback win over the Philadelphia 76rs. The Warriors and Cavs struggles have been well documented this year. Although, as we head toward April, the Cavaliers are shaping into playoff form.

At 32 and in his 14 season what James is doing is unheard of, as he is arguably having his best season since he was 23. James and Cavs GM David Griffin have put together a team to maximize his talents and it worked. With the key in season additions of Kyle Korver, Deron Williams, Larry Sanders, the Cavs have turned themselves into a versatile team with multiple Veteran options down the stretch. If the Warriors make it to the finals they better be ready to play.


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