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LeBron Informs Cavaliers he Will Re-Sign, No Timetable

After winning his third title in five years, LeBron James informs the Cleveland Cavaliers he intends on re-signing.

According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, LeBron has communicated with the Cleveland Cavaliers, saying he will re-sign, but there is no time-table for negotiating his deal.

Two years ago the four-time MVP wrote a letter, confirming he will not only come back home, but deliver a title. In the 2014-2015 campaign, the Cavaliers made it all the way to game 6 of the NBA Finals, even with an injured Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, and fell short to the Golden State Warriors. LeBron had gaudy numbers, but strength in numbers prevailed.

In the 2015-2016 year, the Cavaliers made it all the way back to the finals, with a healthy Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, and LeBron delivered his promise, winning the Cavaliers its first championship and first title in the city in 52 years.

LeBron led everyone in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks, earning his third finals MVP, which is tied for second most all-time only behind Michael Jordan. LeBron averaged the following numbers in the finals: 29.7 points, 11.3 rebounds, 8.9 assists, 2.3 blocks and 2.6 steals and shot the ball 49.4 percent.

This announcement comes on the heels of the Cavs trading away Sasha Kaun and cash to the Philadelphia 76ers to make room to sign Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen.

Next up for the Cavs is to sign LeBron and J.R. Smith, who said on His & Hers he was a bit nervous when the time will come to make a decision.

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