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Legendary Actor Laurence Fishburne will Narrate the Autobiography of Malcolm X For Audible

Emmy and Tony award-winning actor Laurence Fishburne is known for his roles in The Matrix franchise, Boyz N the Hood, What's Love Got to Do with It, and a host of other Hollywood films. He has also featured in numerous television shows and theater productions throughout his extensive career.

Fishburne is now on board to narrate The Autobiography of Malcolm X for Audible. This is the first time Roots Author Alex Hailey's work will be available in an unabridged audio format since the original content was published in 1965. The audiobook is slated for release on May 19th. The timely release marks what would have been the late activist's 95th birthday. The veteran actor was honored to take Audible listeners on the personal journey of such an influential historical figure.

Apart from his current project with Audible Fishburne is presently executive producing and starring in ABC'S Black-ish. He is also preparing for the lead role in David Mamet's American Buffalo on Broadway, and this summer, he will be hosting the History channel's docu-series History's Greatest Mysteries.   

Photo credit: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images)


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