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Last Minute Gifts For Her

You are really waiting for the last minute to get your wife, your girlfriend, sister or mother a gift. But it’s okay, we understand that you are really busy. So to help you pick out a great gift at the last minute, we have put together this gift guide just for her! Check it out below.

Incense Burner Gift Set – Love by Luna

Incense Burner Git Set

Love by Luna‘s Incense Burner Gift set is a super limited edition gift set for the holidays, perfect for incense lovers! This gorgeous, handcrafted black wooden incense burner features celestial brass inlay designs of the sun, moon, & stars. It includes a premium 5-piece crystal set curated for New Beginnings in 2019 and one piece of palo santo for gently cleansing your space.



JETSWEAT is a customizable boutique fitness platform that allows you to stream all the best studio classes from wherever you are, through its mobile app, web platform or streaming TV. This fitness app is built to accommodate the lifestyle of today’s on-the-go studio class enthusiast. What makes JETSWEAT stand apart from all the other on-the-go fitness apps is that JETSWEAT partners exclusively with the most premium studio brands offering a highly curated and personalized experience at an unparalleled value. So whether you’re taking a break from the gym because of frigid temperatures or heading to your loved ones home for the holidays, luckily with JETSWEAT, you’ll never have to leave your favorite classes behind again.

Multi Flask

Multi Flask

Multi Flask lets you have 6 different types of drink bottles in one system, reducing CLUTTER in your cabinet! Just assemble Multi Flask with the desired included parts, to get a perfect bottle for all your types of drinks like: 11 oz double wall hot coffee with glass inner sleefe, or Hot Tea with INFUSER for either Green Tea, or Black Teas; or 20 oz cold drinks like Fruit Infusions, Powdered Sports powder drinks which work with the shakable “Agitator” attachment to keep them stirred up, enjoy the Sport-Drink mode, with a soft silicone spout (to protect you from bumping your teeth while drinking and exercising).

Urban Hydration

Urban Hydration

Urban Hydration Vanilla Extract Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream is a gentle, daily moisturizer that helps nourish and replenish every skin type. The perfect product for moisture retention and to diminish wrinkles, flaws, and blemishes. Urban Hydration Vanilla Extract Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub features a rich scent, along with healing and exfoliating properties that work hard to leave the skin feeling softer and the body feeling rejuvenated. It promotes circulation, moisture retention, and cellular regeneration. Urban Hydration Vanilla Extract Coconut Oil Hydrating Body features a sweet scent, along with healing and cleansing properties that work hard to leave the skin feeling softer and the body feeling rejuvenated.

The entire collection is plant-based, enriched in vitamins A & E and available in other scents.

Brown Sugar TV Subscription

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is a subscription-video-on-demand service operated by Bounce and featuring the biggest collection of the “baddest” African-American movies of all-time, is now available over the Internet on Comcast’s Xfinity X1. Pam Grier, the mother of all badassness, serves a brand ambassador and just in time for the holidays, Brown Sugar is offering annual gift subscriptions for only $42/year.

JEMILY Fine Jewelry

Wish Charm

Wishing on a star? Wish no more, dreams do come true. Fulfill your heart’s desire with more than wishful thinking by wearing the JEMILY Wish Charm. Your private wish, whether for love, happiness, health or other personal reason, is held close within the center of the Charm and is protected by diamonds encircling the charm. Comes in two sizes. Designed and made by hand in Manhattan. These charms come with a 16″ thin necklace.

Available in two sizes and in white or yellow gold with diamonds.

Lifeprint 3×4.5 Photo and Video Printer

Lifeprint 3x4.5 Photo and Video Printer

Tmobile’s Lifeprint 3×4.5 Photo and Video Printer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity lets you print your favorite smartphone photos to and from anywhere! Go on vacation, print from overseas, and your photos will be at home waiting for you when you get back.

Another fun perk? Lifeprint allows you to embed video inside your photos to make your prints come to life like magic in your hands.

Traveler’s Choice – Pomona Collection

Pomona Smart

The modern Pomona collection offers a bevy of smart seasonal features, including ultra-durable hardshells, expandable gussets, and TSA-compliant charging ports, ensuring no gift is crushed, no ugly holiday sweater is left behind, and no photo opportunity is thwarted by a low cell battery. Traveler’s Choice’s Pomona luggage features a telescopic handle system, top and bottom grip handles, and 360-degree spinner double wheels for easy transporting.

HelloFresh Wine

Holiday HelloFresh Wine

HelloFresh Wine is a monthly subscription comprised of six full-size 750ML bottles with the option of all red, all white, or mixed cases. Every box comes with pairings that correspond to each month’s HelloFresh recipes. Just like the HelloFresh meal subscription, customers choose their preferred delivery day and can pause or cancel at any time! You also don’t need to be a HelloFresh meal customer to subscribe to HelloFresh Wine.

Dr Plotka Toothbrush

Dr. Plotka’s toothbrush has antimicrobial bristles infused with silver to naturally eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that grows in between uses. Don’t sacrifice clean teeth on your trip with a cheap disposable toothbrush. Dr. Plotka’s travel toothbrush will keep the germs away while you’re on vacation with their silver bristle technology and foldable version.


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